1. The traditional metal braces

Often the most common and effective method in orthodontics. With the growth of technology, there are many kinds of metal braces as well. Ask our orthodontic specialist for more details!

2. Ceramic braces

This is the most popular braces among patients and doctors. The neutral color of the braces makes wearing braces much more aesthetic while still extremely effective in terms of correcting your teeth!

3. Lingual braces

Lingual braces is a mix between the traditional braces and invisalign. However, not everyone is recommended for having lingual braces. There are many trade offs such as longer duration of treatment, etc. Ask our orthodontic specialist for more details!

4. Invisalign

Older patients (especially those in the work force) prefer to use the invisalign as their orthodontics method. Invisalign is designed to correct minor problems. However, the duration of treatment is often much longer and the post-treatment retainer period also tends to be longer.