About Us

An Office-Building-Dental Era Led by Dr. Sen Yao

Six years ago, Dr. George (Sen) Yao broke convention on the selection of a dental clinic location that people are familiar with. He chose to establish YAO Dental Clinic in the Imperial Building, an iconic office tower that is easily accessible and well-managed. “It is particularly important to locate a dental center in a quiet and comfortable environment,” Dr. Yao said, citing experiences from overseas. “To ensure a safe, effective and convenient treatment, overseas private dental centers are mainly set up in office buildings”.

Together with a renowned oral medicine specialist Professor Zhonghui Ou, YAO dental Clinic is founded in accordance with international dentistry standards, and is the first leading dental center in Fujian to be established in a plush office tower.

We Serve Every Single Client as a Team!

We sincerely cooperate and work together… In YAO Dental Clinic, our work requirements are consistent in all aspects, i.e. ensuring strict control in every detail and aspect to eventually achieve perfect treatment of high precision and quality.