Our Vision

To Influence the Traditional Idea of Dental Care…

The theme of YAO Dental Clinic’s future development has always been to further influence people’s idea of dental care, cultivate and bring together even more talents with state-of-the-art knowledge to meet the greater demands of a greater number of high-end clients. As one of the leaders in the boutique dental industry in China, YAO Dental Clinic has always been focused on the development of China’s dental industry on the international stage. With technology and equipment of world-advanced level, YAO Dental Clinic has been recognized by authoritative dental organisations around the world including the WFO and AAO. We will further strengthen our direct dialogue with the world’s leading technology, showcase Xiamen’s dental tradition and achievements, and continue to work with the world’s top partners to jointly promote dental development in China and provide a boost to China’s dental industry through better quality and more meticulous services.

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